Please read these terms and conditions before signing a contract with Indie Presence. 

1. Content, such as photographs and logos, will be used as they are received. Indie Presence is not liable for any quality issues which arise from this.
Example: Photographs of your salon or treatments must be taken on the highest quality device possible. 

2. Failure to fulfill an invoice within a reasonable time frame will result in work being suspended until payment is received. 
Example: Each invoice is expected to be paid within two weeks. 

3. A project's cost is subject to increments, if the scope of work or duration increases beyond the deliverables or expectancy. 
Example: If additional treatments or pages are requested, this will be invoiced in addition to the amount previously agreed.

4. Please notify Indie Presence in writing immediately if you wish to discontinue the engagement. In case of termination the full amount so far invoiced must be paid.
Example: Only invoices sent via email must be paid, rather than the whole project fee remaining. This is to cover any and all work already completed. 

5. In the case that Indie Presence must discontinue the engagement, you will be notified in writing immediately. A full refund will be paid. 
Example: All invoices already paid will be fully refunded, as soon as is reasonable and possible. 

6. All refunds are up to Indie Presence's discretion.
Example: No refunds may be issued for work already completed, however Indie Presence may reconsider in exceptional circumstances. 

7. Any notice given by one party to the other should be sent in writing. Cancellation is not confirmed until acknowledged by the receiver in writing. 
Example: via email. 

8. Indie Presence has the right to bill additionally, upon mutual agreement, for any application development, meetings, advertising or marketing.
Example: If additional services are requested or the standard time is exceeded, this will be invoiced in addition to the amount previously agreed.